Jack Jameson

Been on:
Singapore City Tour
All our guides and drivers were perfect, accommodating, knowledgeable and easy to be with. We were all absolutely satisfied & would recommend Oriental Travel & Tours to everyone.

Everyone went above & beyond to serve us & provide for us. Thank you!


Been on:
Nocturnal Gems Singapore Bar Hopping Tour
One of the best bar-hopping tour experiences. Before the tour started, included in the tour is a local dinner experience where we had some Michelin Chicken Rice for dinner. After dinner, our tour guide led us on the Bar 'hopping' tour and we learned about the history of each bar.

We love the Gin Cocktail Masterclass and the visit to the World's Best 50 bar. The tour guide was fantastic ! The cocktails were fantastic !


Been on:
Creepy Tales of Singapore tour
It is my first time joining a paranormal tour and i totally enjoyed it! Stanley and Jasmine made the tour so interesting. We walked in total darkness while holding candles, and i gained a lot of knowledge about Bukit Brown cemetery. There was a mixture of historical insights as well as spooky stories throughout the tour. They were also so well prepared, had mosquito repellents & umbrellas just in case we had to use it, and they were constantly looking out for everyone's safety. The whole experience was just so amazing and trilling, something that we've never encountered before.

Carmen Schubert

Been on:
Creepy Tales Of Singapore Tour
What an amazing experience! Definitely a unique tour; I have never encountered a historical ghost tour anywhere else in the world. Stanley, our guide, was wonderful - he is so knowledgeable on WWII history and knows how to make it interesting for kids. We learned so much about Singapore!

The creepy factor was enjoyed by our entire family and really got our adrenaline going. We had two incredible encounters where we felt spiritual activity around us. With the second encounter, our meters were on full red and one photograph showed blue orbs. My kids (10 and 14) can't stop raving about the tour and want to go again as soon as possible.

Thank you, Stanley, for an unforgettable night.

J.Miller and Family

Been on:
4 days 3 nights Private Tour in Singapore
Certainly one of the best tour agency we have engaged during our tour of Asia. We visited Singapore and we hired their services for 4 days. We enjoyed ourselves so much and the guide was fantastic.

We left it to Oriental tours to design our itinerary and it was fantastic. Our entire family enjoyed the stay so much that we wanted to come back to Singapore again. Everything was so well organized, from our airport pickup, to tours, to our food, everything was excellent. Thank you Oriental Tours. We will be back !


Been on:
Creepy Tales of Singapore tour
Interactive. Interesting. Many goosebump-raising moments. Probably a sleepless night as well. Refreshed my WWII Knowledge, which i thought that i had given back to my history teachers...

Stanley and Jasmine were terrific guides who made the tour super interesting and engaging with their sharing of stories throughout the tour. The chance to detect spiritual presences with EMF detectors was a great highlight as well. Thoroughly loved this tour..

Paul Stanton

Been on:
A Journey Across The Heartland tour
We love this tour. A tour that truly allow us to see the real Singaporean lifestyle. We went a a bird singing club where we hear interesting stories about the hobby. We also visited a local market and a hawker centre where we had an authentic Singapore breakfast.

We learned so much about Singapore from this tour.

Mr & Mrs Pete Green

Been on:
3 days Customized Tour in Singapore
We came to Singapore for our honeymoon and we engaged Oriental Tours to customize an itinerary for us. We told them what we love to do and they did a wonderful job. From the time we touched down in Singapore to the time we departed Singapore, everything was so well organized. The tour guide and drivers were so friendly and fun, and the tours were also fantastic.

Anu Joshi

Been on:
Singapore City Tour
We recently went on a Singapore City tour, and a tour of Fort Canning and Battle Box with Oriental Tours. Has an excellent time. Both Jasmine and Stanley are dedicated guides who shared their wealth of knowledge with us. We have been staying in Singapore for so long, but we saw Singapore with different eyes. The tour was flawlessly planned and all of us really enjoyed it.

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